OUTSIDE: Sustainable Landscape Collaborative

Virtual or in-person | Lake Nona, FL

Increasing the adoption of sustainable landscape practices will help create a more vibrant, healthy, and sustainable future for all Floridians. Rapid population growth, water responsibility issues, land conservation challenges, sea-level rise, coastal community resilience, biodiversity loss, and climate change are a few examples of the challenges facing the Florida landscape. These vital issues in Florida require us to take action and change certain landscaping behaviors and patterns, so we can contribute to the solutions needed in the future.

The way we achieve our purpose for OUTSIDE is going to be determined by all of us. By coming together and working collaboratively, we can look for specific actions and solutions which we can apply toward achieving our purpose. 



1. Promote A Statewide Collaboration Around Sustainable Landscape Practices

2. Increase Nursery Supply and Market Demand of Florida Native And Florida Resilient Plants

3. Grow Industry Competencies In Sustainable Landscape Maintenance

4. Support Local Governments To Evaluate Landscape Codes For Effectiveness

5. Collaborate With State Agencies To Encourage Green Infrastructure Projects

6. Quantify Economic Impacts And Ecosystem Services

7. Partner With Development Community To Implement Sustainable Landscapes Holistically

8. Partner With Existing Developments (HOA’s) To Retrofit Sustainable Landscapes Holistically

9. Develop A Holistic Sustainable Approach To The Landscape Transect From Design To Implementation To Maintenance.

10. Educate Communities To Expand Perceptions Of What Landscapes Can Provide



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