After a year of growth and lessons learned, researchers and industry partners will present new findings and ideas around sustainable landscapes at Sunbridge. Discover the objectives, methods, and initial results of these projects. "The Boundary Planting at Base Camp" compares different soil amendment and irrigation strategies in a native plant corridor, while "Benefits of Native Plants in Residential Landscapes" compares native-dominant landscapes at model homes to nearby turf-dominant landscapes. Explore innovative approaches shaping greener, more sustainable futures.

Speakers: Brooke Moffis, Nick Taylor, Del Bottcher, Pierce Jones
Join us for a facilitated discussion aimed at identifying allied opportunities for organizations to work together towards shared objectives. This interactive session will bring together representatives from various organizations to share their perspectives, experiences, and best practices in promoting sustainable landscapes. Gain insight into each organization's unique goals and approaches on collaborating effectively to advance sustainable landscape practices across Florida. Through this dialogue, attendees will uncover specific objectives that can be collectively pursued. Be inspired to contribute your perspectives as we foster an environment of collaboration, enabling the identification of common interests and the development of collaborative strategies.

Speakers: Claire Lewis, Lynda Davis, Cammie Donaldson, Lesley Bertolotti
This session will review two pattern books created for the development community and landscape industry. Our speakers will go further into the why and how behind sustainable landscapes. Discover how to design, install, irrigate, and maintain landscapes that enhance soil fertility, maximize community and ecological amenities, and minimize inputs. We will reveal the updated version of the open-source New Yard Pattern book for 2023 and get a first look at a model pattern book using Wildlight as a case study, which goes into deph on conserving water resources and protecting water quality in North Florida's master-planned communities. Gain practical insights for new and existing developments. During this concise session, you will elevate your understanding of sustainable landscapes with practical knowledge.

Speakers: Chris Hite, Gail Hanson
Explore the crucial role of government and water management districts in encouraging and advocating for sustainable landscaping practices at a meaningful scale. Engage in insightful discussions on the next steps for advancing sustainable landscape policies and principles and gain valuable insights on water supply and quality issues impacting communities today. Learn about the tools and information that local governments require to implement better standards and foster the use of sustainable landscape practices. Explore the political dynamics surrounding the championing of sustainable landscapes, including potential pitfalls and opportunities.

Speakers: Amy Lockheart, Mike Register, Todd Swingle
Gain valuable insights from prominent land developers in Florida as they share their approach to embracing sustainable landscaping practices. Discover what motivates these industry leaders to adopt sustainable measures and how far they are willing to push the boundaries. Join us as they discuss their reasons for embracing sustainability and offer their perspectives on further advancements within the field.

Speakers: Ernie Cox, Greg Jones