April 2024

The Origins of OUTSIDE Collaborative: Five Years of Momentum

The OUTSIDE Sustainable Landscape Collaborative emerged organically as a gathering of like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds who shared a common vision: to create a sustainable future for Florida's landscapes. Comprising professionals in academia, water management, design, development, landscape services, and advocacy, this collaborative effort aimed to address the pressing environmental challenges facing the Sunshine State.
January 2024

Into the naturehood: Sunbridge, sustainability + the importance of storytelling

At its core, this movement isn't just about planting trees or conserving water—it's a profound cultural shift towards respecting and nurturing our planet. Integral to this transformation is storytelling, a powerful tool that weaves a narrative connecting people with their environment.
December 2023

Bio-Filtration: How Native Grasses Cleanse Stormwater

In our mission to protect and preserve the natural resources that surround us, it's important to understand that even small, sustainable actions can have a significant impact. By embracing practices such as planting native species and reducing turf areas, we actively contribute to the safeguarding of our local rivers and springs.
October 2023

OUTSIDE Collab 2023: A Year of Growth: A Journey Through Sustainable Landscapes at Sunbridge

Discussion panels including the Welcome & Introduction with Lesley Bertolotti, Opening Remarks with Dr. Andra Johnson, Session One: Residential Landscapes & The Land Development Process and Session Two: Living Laboratory Research Projects.
July 2023

From Best-Selling Books to Inspiring Keynote: Dan Egan

During OUTSIDE Collab 2023, a gathering dedicated to sustainable landscapes and environmental transformation, we will welcome Dan Egan as our keynote speaker. Egan, an accomplished environmental journalist and New York Times best-selling author, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the event.