To inspire a sustainable future amidst Florida's booming residential construction, OUTSIDE and its partners have introduced this handbook. This guide sets a new standard for residential developments, embracing sustainable landscaping practices that not only enhance community amenities and homeowner experiences but also respect and rejuvenate the local ecology. By shifting towards environmentally friendly designs, this initiative aims to foster vibrant communities that harmonize with Florida's natural beauty, mitigating the environmental impacts traditionally associated with development and leading the way in ecological stewardship.

Wildlight stands as a sprawling 2,900-acre mixed-use community nestled north of Jacksonville, FL. This pattern book reveals how Wildlight embodies a life intertwined with a semi-tropical landscape, promoting an organic haven of green building, efficient design, and construction that minimizes waste, conserves energy, and preserves natural resources. Its architecture respects and reflects the Lowcountry's spirit, embedding the area's natural legacy into every community aspect, fostering a sense of welcome rooted in sustainable living.


Explore our curated video playlists for OUTSIDE Collab, a comprehensive resource available to everyone and anyone interested in sustainable practices and collaborative efforts in landscaping.


Landscape Maintenance Practices

From exploring alternatives to traditional mowing with groundcovers to understanding the nuances of effective mulching and pruning, these videos offer step-by-step advice. This playlist will provide training to equip you with the knowledge to maintain a thriving, sustainable landscape.

Sunbridge Garden Series

The Sunbridge Garden series of videos provides helpful maintenance tips and advice to keep your sustainable Florida landscape vibrant, healthy, and flourishing.

OUTSIDE Collab 2023

At OUTSIDE Collab 2023, we gathered to promote a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable future for Florida by increasing the adoption of sustainable landscape practices. We explored a year of growth and the journey through sustainable practices at Sunbridge, discussing the practical application and impact of these landscapes on urban development.


April 2024

The Origins of OUTSIDE Collaborative: Five Years of Momentum

The OUTSIDE Sustainable Landscape Collaborative emerged organically as a gathering of like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds who shared a common vision: to create a sustainable future for Florida's landscapes. Comprising professionals in academia, water management, design, development, landscape services, and advocacy, this collaborative effort aimed to address the pressing environmental challenges facing the Sunshine State.
January 2024

Into the naturehood: Sunbridge, sustainability + the importance of storytelling

At its core, this movement isn't just about planting trees or conserving water—it's a profound cultural shift towards respecting and nurturing our planet. Integral to this transformation is storytelling, a powerful tool that weaves a narrative connecting people with their environment.

Native garden library

Get inspired by submissions from the OUTSIDE Collab community featuring native and Florida-friendly landscapes. View the library, or submit your photos and videos.